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Beckton Parkside

Commercial and mixed use Residential Derelict industrial estate turned mixed-use hub

Beckton Parkside transforms an underutilised and largely derelict industrial estate into a mixed-use hub of 391 homes, SME and office space. The scheme creates a significant piece of new townscape with new streets, a new public square and a new gateway into Beckton District Park.

Varied edge conditions to this challenging site, with the busy A13 to the north, two-storey residential streets to the east and mature parkland to the south and west, demanded unique design responses. The project incorporates an eight-storey linear building to the north forming a buffer to the A13 and embraces the unique green character of Beckton with tree-lined streets. Four-storey buildings front the finer grain to the east of the site and then step up to six and seven storeys to the west with a waymarking 12-storey landmark announcing and drawing visitors to the new public space.

The scheme offers a rich mix of housing typologies with 30% affordable, 30% family housing and a focus on three-bedroom duplex apartments with their own front doors creating vibrant streets that link into the existing road pattern. The predominantly brick design is based on a rigorous grid which designs-in efficient construction from the outset. Variety and rhythm is achieved in elevation through a mix of brick details including chamfering and projecting brick, and glazed brick features focused on entrances, all adding to block identity, legibility and an overall visual richness.

Project information
  • Client:
    Bellway Homes
  • Location:
    East Ham, London
  • Planning consent authority:
    London Borough of Newham
  • Planning consent:
  • Scope:
    391 homes, SME and office space

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