Hidden Homeless

Competition repurposing a former underground station to address homelessness

As part of our Practice wide charity programme, we have supported various charities addressing homelessness, including Crisis and Centrepoint; these two charities therefore readily made themselves available to give us a more detailed insight into the growing plight of this particularly vulnerable group of homeless.

As the crisis visibly grows, we believe our social responsibility to find ways to address the issue becomes increasingly pressing. Our proposal for IN-BETWEEN looks to create a new form of accommodation which brings together temporary living with new homes for sale or rent within the same development. It looks to remove any stigma associated with homelessness by recognising another crisis of the generation that are not able to buy or rent their own homes; it embraces the idea of compact living or micro-living as an enabling opportunity.


Location Kings Cross
Scope Accommodation for young homeless including apartments, dormitories and duplex dwellings
Stage Competition entry