Brixton Masterplan

The London Borough of Lambeth commissioned a strategic masterplan for the Central Brixton Area, conceived as a mechanism to carry forward a broad range of initiatives aimed at arresting town centre decline and dealing with key social and economic problems.

As lead consultants we assembled a bespoke team, matching skills and experience to ensure a masterplan of the highest possible quality.

The masterplan was approved by the Committee and presented a ten-year strategy for the growth and evolution of Brixton town centre focusing on regeneration, culture, and the exposure of key local assets. The wide ranging and holistic plan, shaped by the local community, embraces the built environment and the mechanisms and systems that support it to underpin Brixton’s development as an exemplar sustainable settlement.

Brixton Town Centre Masterplan provides a responsive, sustainable strategy to support a process of positive physical and economic development, underpinned by the notion of ‘access for all’. 


Client London Borough of Lambeth
Location Brixton
Scope Masterplan