Station Road, Upminster

A new hotel in the heart of Upminster

A mixed-use retail and hotel development on a 0.148 hectare site in the centre of Upminster town centre offers the opportunity to enhance the quality of the High Street. The redevelopment of the site provides new commercial uses at ground floor with a 82 room hotel above. The new uses and architectural expression seeks to add to the character of the High Street and the overall vitality of the designated shopping centre.

The site is located on the main street that forms the commercial centre of Upminster. The proposals create new frontages and improved natural surveillance over the street and the associated car parking areas. A new pedestrian connection is proposed from Wilson Close, at the rear of the site, providing safer pedestrian environments along the site frontages and providing a better pedestrian route through to Station Road. The scheme will generate genuine social value for the area as well as creating substantial improvements to the local built environment through the introduction of a new high quality new building and improved public realm.