Haringey Crosslinks, Wood Green

Producing a transformation framework

The Crosslinks project was commissioned jointly by the London Borough of Haringey and the London Development Agency and built on an original masterplanning commission led by the Practice in 1998.

The scope of the work included testing the development capacity of the core area which informed the review of the Local Development Framework.

Underpinning the scheme is the development of an east / west connection between the Western Utilities land and Wood Green town centre by means of a 30m wide boulevard. This acts as an elongated public square along which a range of cultural, creative and civic components are organised.

A north / south connection is provided by a new spine road increasing accessibility to the area. These elements combine to structure spatial and social connections across the Borough and give the scheme its name: Crosslinks.


Client London Borough of Haringey
Location Haringey
Scope Masterplan