Sun Wharf, Deptford

Artist's studio space and new homes alongside Deptford’s historic creek

Our proposals for Bellway and Peabody dramatically transform this 0.73 hectare site situated alongside Deptford Creek. The surrounding area still retains much of the industrial character that developed in the 19th Century, with many of the older buildings repurposed as artist’s studios, establishing Deptford, and Creekside in particular, as a creative quarter.

The previous building made poor use of the land, limiting any connectivity to Deptford Creek. Our proposals extend public access along the creek, from Deptford Bridge Road in the north to the Network Rail land south of the site, providing a generous, publicly accessible route from which to enjoy the creek as well as facilitating essential access for essential maintenance of the creek wall. 

The scheme comprises three distinct building typologies. Seven-storey ‘warehouse’ buildings form the primary frontage to Deptford Creek and define the new creek path. To the west, smaller scale ‘finger Blocks’ extend from the creek facing blocks, defining ‘yard’ spaces between them which provide both residential amenity and functional spaces for the artists’ studios. Finally, a taller building marks the point at which Deptford Creek meets the historic railway viaduct in the south-east corner of the site. At 19 storeys this element will be widely visible from the surroundings, especially when viewed from Greenwich in the east, where it’s role as a marker building and gateway to Lewisham is more evident, particularly from the railway line. The towers’ crown displays a distinctive saw-toothed profile, making subtle reference to the previously industrial nature of its location.

When complete the scheme will deliver 220 new homes, ranging in size from one bedroom to three-bedroom apartments, all with outstanding amenity and aspect and offering excellent standards of living accommodation. In addition to the residential component the scheme will create 1,500sqm of affordable artist space within dedicated ground floor studios, 400sqm of which will be located within a separate ‘container’ building, strategically located at the site entrance, as a way-finding element, and a marker for the development.

Recognising the importance of art in establishing the character of the site and creating a sense of place, the proposals identify specific locations for large-scale art to come forward as part of the development. The colourful container building proposed at the site entrance is seen as the start of this journey with further interventions to be agreed with the local authority in due course.


Location Deptford
Planning Authority Lewisham