Atherton Mews, Forest Gate

Mews living on an infill site in Stratford

Stockwool worked with a small scale new developer, Canonsfield Properties Ltd, to develop proposals for this infill site close to the Stratford district centre in the London Borough of Newham. Historically Atherton Mews had provided secondary access to the large properties along Romford Road and Clova Road but over the years the space had become poorly maintained and virtually in-accessible. The London Borough of Newham had identified these Mews as an important opportunity for small scale regeneration through controlled piecemeal developments.

The scheme utilises underused brownfield land to create seven new family sized mews houses (3 and 4 bedroom homes) within the existing cut-de sac known as Radlett Close. The new homes have been carefully designed to provide high quality living accommodation and private amenity space without unduly impacting on the existing properties. The notched section creates excellent access to sun/daylight along with the double height spaces around the central staircases. The form, scale and proportion of the openings are controlled to provide oblique views within both the courtyard space facing Radlett Close and along Atherton Mews. Small scale amenity spaces are integrated into the building footprint at different levels creating easy access to open space throughout the home, at ground floor there is direct access to the Mews for each property.

The scheme creates a new courtyard space for Radlett Close and significant improvements to the hard and soft landscaping for the existing properties, including a new vehicular/ pedestrian address to the development. The break in the terrace of new homes creates a shared access into the Atherton Mews which is visible from the entrance to Radlett Close, the vista creates a physical and visual connection to this important local asset.

The approved scheme meets the Borough’s long term ambitions to regenerate the full length of Atherton Mews, their plan seeks to re-activate the space with new residential development and improved public access to the Mews. The proposals were strongly supported by the Borough and their Design Officer, the scheme was approved under delegated powers.


Client Canonsfield Properties Ltd
Location LB Newham
Scope 7 New Homes
Value Construction Value: £2.7m