BIM (Building Information Management)
Barking 360

Stockwool were appointed by the developer contractor Swan/ NuLiving once the scheme had received a planning approval. This flagship development included 291 homes with ground floor community/ commercial space within a series of interlocking circular towers varying in height from ten to twenty six storeys.

In addition to the typical challenges of developing a high density urban site the scheme itself was relatively complex, made up of circular plan forms the complex curved geometry of the façade and integrated balconies needed to be understood and the associated risks reduced. Our previous experience on high rise complex forms, along with our BIM based approach, were key to our commission as Executive Architects.

We developed a digital model in our object orientated authoring software, based on the model provided by the planning architect with input from both the structural and services engineers. The Model enabled the consultant team to first understand and then refine the geometry to suit the construction methodology, for example adjusting panel sizes and junction details to suit the modularisation of the façade. The interfaces between structure, cladding and balconies were included in the model and this enabled us to test and analyse options to achieve the design intent as defined in the planning approval. In consultation with the client construction team we were able to agree the construction methodology for the facade, in this case unitised cladding.

The modelling information formed the basis of the tender pack, the model was used to generate two dimensional GA’s and detail information, schedules as well as three dimensional façade and interface studies.

The facade/ balcony specialists provided bespoke component models which were integrated into the combined architecture, structure and services model. The agreed model information was used to fabricate the key elements of the façade. On this basis the façade system was digitally tested to ensure seamless geometry and minimise problems on site.



Combined detail check 

Combined Model 



Highrise residential BIM model