Climate change, bio-diversity loss, pollution and excessive consumption of natural resources are all threatening Earth’s delicate, life-supporting systems. Whilst exceeding planetary boundaries, the basic needs of our societies are not being met and tens of millions are displaced by climate change induced events every year.

We know that around 40% of global carbon emissions come from the building industry.

The need for a sustainable approach in everything we do is clear.As an architectural practice, we have a huge responsibility to follow the principles of a circular economy and work to reduce operational and embodied carbon emissions of our projects in line with national Net Zero targets. We also know that it’s not just about carbon and that it is important to engage with all aspects of sustainability; environmental, social and economic. These are all key ingredients to the success of our projects.Stockwool is working to change perceptions of sustainability in the housing sector, advocating for change and adding value for our clients. From the outset, our ambition is to create healthy, sustainable homes, places and communities where people want to live whilst understanding issues of viability for our clients. 


Our Working Group members:

Ewout Vandeweghe (Partner in charge)
Deborah Wartenberg (Group leader)
Alexandra Theodorou
Peter Sebes
Mattia Fanin
Birgit Johnson
Alexandra Barbu

Our Sustainability Working Group has helped develop and implement sustainable working practices at Stockwool. This work is divided into three areas:

  • The Practice - sustainability within our business operations.
  • Our Projects - sustainable architectural design.
  • Our People – sustainable and ethical approach to employees and the wider community.


We offer training to our staff to develop the skills and expertise to advise our clients on a whole range of environmental design benefits. We have two members of staff with Passive House training, including our Associate Director, Deborah Wartenberg who is a Certified Passive House Consultant. We are therefore able to offer Passive House design guidance to our clients as we know that simple, passive design measures can offer significant environmental benefits whether the standard is formally adopted or not.