Oldfield Lane, South Greenford

Oldfield Lane, South Greenford

Located on the western edge of the Greenford town centre, the site is occupied by the former Greenford Police station which is now disused. The application site sits within a number of adjacent development sites dictating a masterplan-led approach. The scheme proposals for the site are envisaged to be the first phase of redevelopment for this important group of sites within the Greenford Broadway town centre.


Form factor and orientation were important design considerations from the outset.

The facade of the building has been developed in order to minimise the need for mechanical cooling of the building. Stockwool worked closely with the energy consultant, Spoormaker & Partners to fine-tune the proportion of openings within each facade and allow for passive cooling methods. All homes are provided with night vents which allow safe, natural ventilation when required. The proportion of glazing and opening windows was also considered using our CAD software,to reduce overheating from solar gain.


  • Typical window cill height at 750mm for optimum daylight and more flexibility for furniture layouts.
  • Full height windows restricted to living areas with balcony access. Typically, these are shaded by balconies above and staggering the corners of the park-side building.
  • Side-hung windows with maximum openable area to facilitate good purge ventilation.
  • Openable, louvred vents to living areas to allow for secure ventilation throughout the day or night.
  • MVHR supply and exhaust integrated into window head design.

Project: Oldfield Lane, South Greenford


Oldfield Lane, South Greenford 

Oldfield Lane, South Greenford